Butterfly garden attract more than two-hundred butterflies at once. Hundreds of migratory butterflies belong to three species can be observed here at anytime of the day.

Scientific name: – Tirmala limniace
English name: – Blue Tiger
Sinhala Name: – Neela Gomara

Scientific name: – Danaus genutia
English name: – Common Tiger
Sinhala Name: – Agni Gomara

Scientific name: – Euploea core
English name: – Common Indian Crow
Sinhala Name: – Indu Kakaya


Papilio crino
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Rare butterfly some times found flying swiftly along the canopy line Present in the low country dry zone than in higher elevations.
It was successfully attracted to ALIYA by planting its host plants such as Toddaliya asiatica and Chloroxylon swietenia.


Pachliopta hector
At ALIYA crimson rose can be found on flowers especially lantana camara. It is found in India and Sri Lanka and possibly the coast of western Myanmar. In Sri Lanka it is found in all elevations throughout the year. But may be rare higher than 1500m elevation and in Northern parts of the country.
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Common Mormon

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Papilio polytes
Common Mormon is a frequent butterfly in lower elevations. However, it is present in all elevations in the country. The female butterfly mimics Common Rose and Crimson Rose. It is a migratory species and also show mud puddling and dorsal basking.
It is one of the large butterflies that can observe around ALIYA. They use Karapincha (Murraya koenigii) and Kudu-mirissa (Toddaliya asiatica) as their host plants.


Papilio polymnestor
Blue Mormon is also a migratory species which shows swift flying (recurrently alter the path, rise up and down in its flight course). Found all over the island, except in northern section. But decreasing when going to hill side.. It is also present throughout the year around ALIYA.
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Delias eucharis
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Colourful common butterfly found throughout the country in all elevations. Very similar to painted saw-tooth butterfly found only in mid country forests between 500m to 1500m.
The bright coloration indicates that it is not edible due to toxins accumulated. At ALIYA it can be seen flying high among the trees and coming down to Pilala (Loranthus species) flowers for nectar.


Euploea core
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It is found in all over the place around ALIYA, also found in all elevations in the island during the all months of the year. Protected by its inedibility and has a leisurely flight.
At the butterfly garden of ALIYA sometimes hundreds of Common Indian Crows can be observed at one place during the day time.


Papilio demoleus
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Butterfly that can be seen in all elevations of Sri Lanka in all most all the months of the year. But above 500m elevations not a common butterfly.
Though the host plant of the lime butterfly is Citrus limon it can be spotted at the ALIYA butterfly garden when the snake weeds (Stachytarpheta cayennensis) start flowering.


Catopsilia pyranthe
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Found in elevations lower than 500m. In the migratory season found in all elevations of the country.

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Uses Thora family (Cassia species) plants as their host plants. Lemon Emigrant (Catopsilia pomona) is also a similar species of butterfly as Mottled Emigrant.