Birds of prey or raptors are birds that hunt and feed on other animals. These birds are distinguished by intense vision that allows them to sense prey during flight and dominant talons and beaks.

In ornithology, “birds of prey” has a narrower meaning: birds that have very good eyesight for finding food, strong feet for holding food, and a strong curved beak for tearing flesh.

They usually prey on vertebrates, which are usually quite greater to the size of the bird. Many of these species are considered as top predators.


Nisaetus cirrhatus
Changeable Hawk-eagle breed in the Indian subcontinent, in India and Sri Lanka, and from the southeast border of the Himalaya across southeast Asia to Indonesia and the Philippines. Occasionally it is occurring singly in open woods around ALIYA. Unless it can be positively spotted at “Hurulu Eco Park” which located not far-off from ALIYA.


Spilornis cheela
The crested serpent eagle is a bird of prey found in forested habitats across the tropical regions of Asia. As its English name imply, is a specialist reptile eater which hunts over forests close to wet grasslands. They will sometimes follow snakes on the ground. It settles in the interiors of trees with dense foliage and they become visible when it sit and wait for foraging strategy. It also can be found mainly over areas with thick vegetation at low hills and plains.

It can be easily seen on tree tops at the lake side of the ALIYA Resort and Spa in most evenings looking for a pray.

Special characters: Has a large black and white ruff-like crest but only
raises it when excited. Shows aerobatic display flight.


Voice: Frequently heard kuk-kuk-keerkeer-keer and whee-woop-woop flight calls. Keer when perched.
Status and distribution: Endemic race, common throughout where there is forest or tree cover.
Nesting: Mass of twigs hidden in trees February-may.
Species range: South and South East Asia, Java, Philippines.


Bubo zeylonensis zeylonensis
Bubo zeylonensis zeylonensis is a large owl, but it is intermediate in size between other fish owls. It is a sub species of Bubo zeylonensis.
Brown fish owl can captured stationing itself on a hanging perch over the lake just outside ALIYA.
Nocturnal, but it can often be located by the small birds that mob it while it is roosting in a tree.

Bubo zeylonensis zeylonensis