The “Maha” season commences with the Second Inter Monsoon (October) and persists with the blessings of North-East-Monsoon (December-January). These rains have being shifting the agricultural patterns of the local communities of the dry zone of Sri Lanka to the recognized history. Most farmers in the dry zone of Sri Lanka used to grow paddy in the “Maha-Kannaya”/”Maha” season (Larger-season).

According to the legend term “Maha” derived due to the “Maha Wasi” (Heavy Showers) experienced in this phase of the year. Besides some natives say the growing spell which cultivates “Maa Vee” (Life-sized Paddy) is known as Maa kannaya (Extended-Spell), later became “Maha Kannaya” (Maha-Season).

With the expansion of agriculture and development, conventional systems of the paddy cultivation have rigorously altered. Although, time of growing different crops have not changed noticeably. Therefore, as a demonstration for the guests and also with the intention of preserving our local customs of traditional farming ALIYA initiated paddy crop cultivation in its crop land, adjacent to “Nagula”, The Paddy Museum.

Photo: Organic Vegetable garden at ALIYA Resort and Spa in the “Ylala” Season.

Photo: Land Preparation for Paddy Cultivation


Photo: Paddy Seeds


Photo: Paddy Field bursting with Paddy Seedlings


Photo: Coconut husks on top of the sticks (Birds perch on it will prey on paddy pests)